Scholarship & Financial Aid

Financial Aid
HTS is pleased to provide bursary assistance to eligible families that have been enrolled at the school for at least one full year. To determine eligibility, applications must be submitted online at no later than January 31, 2016. Apple Financial Services will complete a financial assessment and provide a recommendation to the HTS Financial Aid Committee for consideration. Bursaries are intended to be for short-term assistance and are available for up to 50 per cent of tuition costs.  

Scholarship and Bursaries
HTS endeavours to partner with families who wish to enable students to reach their full potential mentally, physically and emotionally. As such, HTS offers two Entrance Awards to new students entering Grade 9. These awards cover 100% of tuition fees over a four-year period, from Grade 9 through to the end of Grade 12.

Grade 9 Entrance Scholarship
All applicants must have a minimum 80% academic standing, demonstrate financial need and a willingness and aptitude to study a challenging academic program. They must also be actively involved in sports, the arts and community service (where appropriate) at their current schools.

Grade 9 Entrance Bursary
On behalf of our graduates and their families, HTS is pleased to offer a bursary that covers tuition for four years to a new Grade 9 student. The successful applicant will be seen as a leader who participates fully in school life, has good academic results, and has demonstrated financial need.

Candidates for both awards must  submit  completed application  no later than January 31, 2016.

The applicants are expected to write the SSAT on or before February 6, 2016. Please register at

Financial Aid, Bursary, and Scholarship applicants must have a  financial assessment completed by Apple Financial Services.  Applications must be submitted online at  no later than January 31, 2016.