Curiosity Changes Everything.

Life. Learning. At HTS, we see those two journeys as one and the same. And no matter who you are in our Learning Network — a student in campus or online, or a professional searching for more  — you’ll find the space and freedom you need to grow into the person you want to be. In a community where curiosity, compassion and courage create experiences that fulfill the whole person — by reaching and teaching the heart as well as the mind.

An Experience Rooted In Self-Discovery

“Leave here on the path to becoming the best version of yourself.” These words describe the ultimate goal of the HTS Learning Network. Yes, our students learn what they need to take the next steps in their lives. We just help make sure they do it as good people.

A Community Where Learners and Educators Thrive

The HTS Learning Network puts learners and educators in the best positions to succeed, with the flexibility and freedom to develop their unique strengths and curiosities. Our approach motivates everyone to do their best and to help others do the same. Teachers, learners, all of us grow together.

A Culture That Supports Compassion and Inclusion

Walking in the shoes of others is something we just do across the HTS Learning Network. It’s introduced to our school children from day one and continually reinforced to older learners, along with strategies for gaining more from doing it.

A Whole Education That Goes Beyond Academics

HTS Learning Network graduates flourish holistically. They have an appreciation for life. They accept and embrace themselves for who they are. They form deep relationships. They meaningfully impact their communities.

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Our Head of School Shares Why HTS

Why Learning Network? Because the transformative power of learning at HTS is something that everyone needs to experience — not just students here, but students everywhere, educators, leaders and more.

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Our HTS Learning Network Team

Educators, administrators and support teams across the HTS Learning Network take pride in helping everyone in our community to learn, achieve and live to their full potential.

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