HTS's 40th Anniversary

In September 1981, HTS opened its doors in the basement of Holy Trinity Church in Thornhill, Ontario, welcoming 66 students who took part in the first school year. By June 1982, school was finished for the summer — but many important milestones were ahead. 
This June, 40 years after that first school year was complete, we opened our doors once again — this time to commemorate four decades of learning, growing and connecting. While in many ways our ethos remains the same, we have evolved over four decades, not only in our physical space but also in how we teach, learn and uplift one another. 

We were thrilled to invite the entire HTS community, from that very first class of students and our retired staff to our current students, parents and alumni of all years, to join in our anniversary celebration as we looked back on where we came from, and looked forward to the next 40 years. 

Thank you for joining us, HTS community — we loved reconnecting with all of you. 


Thank you for joining us to celebrate HTS's 40th Anniversary!
June 3-4, 2022

HTS through the decades

Take a trip down memory lane with some photos from the past four decades.

Videos from the HTS Archives
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    • Securing the Future, 1986

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