All financial costs are listed below for the 2022-2023 school year.

Fees & Deposits

Type Amount Due Date Remarks
Application Fee $150 With Application Non-refundable
International Application Fee* $300 With Application Non-refundable
Enrollment Fee $5,000 Upon Acceptance Non-refundable
Tuition Fee $30,975 Payment plans are outlined below

*In order to attend HTS, the International Student must be living with their parent(s)/legal guardian(s).

Tuition Plans

Holy Trinity School “HTS” offers families four different fee payment options, as outlined in the fee schedule below. Please note the installment due dates for each option. The Option E (early) payment due date will not be extended beyond the published date below.
Payment Schedule Payment Due Date Tuition Annual Fund* Total Payment(s) excluding Student Charges**
Option E
Tuition: $30,975
Early Payment Mar 1, 2022 $30,975 $1,500 $32,475
Option A
Tuition: $31,520
Installment 1 Mar 1, 2022 $15,760 $750 $16,510
Installment 2 Jun 1, 2022 $15,760 $750 $16,510
Total $31,520 $1,500 $33,020
Option B
Tuition: $32,130
Installment 1 Mar 1, 2022 $10,710 $500 $11,210
Installment 2 Jun 1, 2022 $10,710 $500 $11,210
Installment 3 Sept 1, 2022 $10,710 $500 $11,210
Total $32,130 $1,500 $33,630
Option C***
Tuition: $32,750
10 Installments Mar 1 to Dec 1, 2022 $3,275 $150 $3,425
Total $32,750 $1,500 $34,250
*Annual Fund
HTS is a not-for-profit independent school that provides an educational experience that is nothing short of exceptional. The Annual Fund supports initiatives that enhance and enrich school life above what is covered by tuition as well as student financial aid. Year after year, our community comes together to further our mission and vision by making financial contributions to the school through the HTS Annual Fund.

Families are encouraged to donate a minimum of $1,500 per child, annually. These donations allow for upgrades to our resources and tools in the classroom, enhanced facilities and specialized programming. An official donation receipt will be issued for the full amount of your Annual Fund donation.

Charitable Registration #: 122397417RR0001.

** Student charges, which include HST, are standard fees that apply to Grades 6-12 to cover the cost of essential educational trips.

Grade Student Charge Item Payment Due Date
August 1, 2022
Payment Due Date
December 1, 2022
Total Payment(s)
6 Sept. 2022 Camp Kandalore: $425
June 2023 Manitoulin Island: $1,360
$425 $1,360 $1,785
7 Sept. 2022 Camp with ALIVE Outdoors: $900
Jan. 2023 Camp: $575
June 2023 Niagara Falls: $910
$1,475 $910 $2,385
8 Sept. 2022 Quebec City: $1,250
June 2023 Choice of experience: $1,585-$3,630
$1,250 $1,585-$3,630 $2,835-$4,880
9 Sept. 2022 Canadian Ecology Center: $465
Jan. 2023 Saint-Donat: $1,105
$1,570 - $1,570
10 Sept. 2022 Ottawa: $985 $985 - $985
11 Sept. 2022 Camp with ALIVE Outdoors: $900 $900 - $900
12 Sept. 2022 Camp with ALIVE Outdoors: $900 $900 - $900

*** Tuition Refund Plan Insurance
In accordance with HTS’s withdrawal policy, there will be no refund of fees after September 1, 2022, for any reason including, without limitation, change of residence, health, withdrawal or expulsion. As such, parents may wish to purchase the Tuition Refund Plan (“TRP”) insurance available through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. (refer to pamphlet for more details).

The Tuition Refund Plan (“TRP”) insurance, available through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., costs $409.00 per student, which includes 8% PST. For tuition fee payment option C, TRP insurance is mandatory and is included in the pricing.

Additional Costs

Type Amount Applicable To Remarks
Uniform Cost $500 - $1,000 All Students
Technology $500 - $750
$1,200 - $2,500
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12
An iPad
A MacBook
Extended After Care 2021-2022: $10 per day, based on a one-month commitment* Lower School students *The additional fee if you require after care from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

Included In Tuition

Lunch Program
A daily hot lunch is included in tuition for all HTS students. Chef-prepared, nutritious and well-balanced meals are served in our bright and spacious Dining Hall.

Students may choose from a hot entree, a specialty sandwich and a secondary main dish. We also offer homemade soups, a salad bar, fresh whole fruit and a sandwich deli bar. Beverages include water and milk.

Lower School students receive morning and afternoon snacks in their classrooms. In the Middle and Senior School, baskets full of fruit are available all day.

Before and After Care — Lower School
Our Before and After School Care Program, available to all Lower School students (JK to Grade 6), takes place Monday to Friday. Before School Care is available from 7:30am to 8:00am.  There is an additional fee of $10/day if you require after school care from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

Tax Credits

HTS provides tax receipts permitted under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for Religious Instruction and Child Care.

Religious Instruction

Because the school includes religious instruction and daily chapel in the curriculum, we are permitted to issue a receipt for a portion of the tuition fees that is considered to be for religious instruction. This amount is calculated in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency and will vary from year to year. A receipt for religious instruction is issued for each child enrolled in the school in the name of the person or organization that paid the tuition fees.

Child Care

The school issues receipts for the portion of the tuition fees that is considered to be for child care. In general, this represents the time the children are supervised, but are not in class (e.g. breaks and after-school activities). Receipts are automatically issued for students who are under 16 years of age during the calendar year. Child care receipts are issued in the name of the person or organization that paid the tuition fees.