In today’s digital world, skills in cybersecurity are in high demand. Thanks to the leadership and tenacity of Grade 12 student Daniel K., Innovation and Technology Prefect, a number of our students have been challenged to move well beyond a basic introduction of cybersecurity and have pushed themselves to earn certifications in critical learning pillars such as web security, cryptography, computer forensics and binary exploitation.

We are also pleased to report that eight of these incredible students continued on to participate in CanHack 2021, an online cybersecurity challenge sponsored by the Ryerson DMZ. The challenge included a series of activities where participants were required to reverse engineer, break, hack and decrypt puzzles. Students acted as ethical hackers, making it an excellent, legal way to get hands-on experience with cybersecurity and coding.
We are proud of the accomplishments of these students and grateful to Mr. Waqas Khan, Director of IT Operational Systems, who supported our students’ work by sharing his expertise and mentorship throughout the process.