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- Kathryn (Rutherford) Foster '03
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Alumni Supporting Alumni and the Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Check out @wetheorigin, founded by Abbas Alidina ’00 which works to solve coffee’s biggest problems with technology and innovation. Disrupting coffee supply chains. One farmer at a time.

Edward Moon ’14
and his coworkers have started a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Drive for items needed to care for COVID-19 patients. Visit theppedrive.com.

Courtney Ferguson ’02 and her fiancé, Rafael Tricta, have started an initiative to support Toronto businesses. On their website, neighbourism.ca, you can browse local businesses, learn more about them, and support them by purchasing gift cards. Courtney and Rafael hope to help these businesses during these challenging times while introducing individuals to new local spots along the way.

HTSAA Mentorship Program

Program Overview

An ongoing program, the Mentorship Program serves as a tool to engage, connect and network primarily for professional development opportunities for all HTS alumni. You can still register, click the links below!

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