At HTS, teaching is not a job. It is a vocation. Our teachers take immense pride in encouraging, challenging and inspiring their students to live and learn to their full potential.
There is no shortage of good teachers in schools today, but the educators who are drawn to HTS are a cut above. Beyond expertise in their particular subject area, beyond their individual qualifications of education and experience, they have a gift for helping young people discover and develop the best that is within them. It’s a skill that begins in the classroom, but doesn’t end there.
Participation in co-curriculars is expected for faculty as well as students at our school, and HTS teachers wouldn’t have it any other way. Many who were top athletes in their undergrad years now coach championship HTS teams. Others bring to life valuable lessons about the rewards of perseverance and teamwork through theatrical productions and community service programs. For teachers and students alike, that is the very best part of HTS.

Our Staff

Without the tireless efforts and steadfast support of our skilled administrative, custodial and kitchen staff, life at HTS would most surely grind to a halt. Approachable, attentive, and always ready to go that extra mile with a smile, these dedicated people are truly the backbone of HTS. Together they provide a clean, safe, and wonderfully organized environment for the entire community to enjoy.

Faculty and Staff Directory

    • Senior School Faculty

Our Administration

The HTS Leadership team manages the day-to-day operations of the school. Acting as an advisory group, led by the Head of School, the Directors work together to set objectives, identify issues, resolve conflict, implement changes, and evaluate staff and faculty performance. All major decisions are shared with the Board.

Each member of the Leadership team is responsible for setting the school’s tone, and upholding the principles of leadership, confidence, integrity and respect within the HTS community at large.