Graduation Endowment Fund

Graduation Endowment Fund

In 2006, the graduating class initiated the Grad Class of 2006 Endowment Fund, now known as the Graduation Endowment Fund. The students and their parents were asked to consider pledging their $500 working capital (collected at the time of enrolment) as well as an additional $500 to top up their donation to $1,000. The Class of 2006 students created a steering group that made recommendations on how the income generated by the endowment fund would be used, and it was decided that the funds would be given to a student with a financial need.

HTS alumni and families will agree that every child should be given a chance to experience HTS, irrespective of household financial ability. The generosity of the class of 2006, along with their families and of subsequent classes has provided financial assistance to students since 2012. In 2016, the first student to receive financial assistance from the Graduation Endowment Fund graduated.

On behalf of all past, current and future beneficiaries of the Graduation Endowment Fund, thank you to the families who have supported the fund. This incredible legacy – initiated by the Class of 2006, and built upon by hundreds of HTS families – will continue to benefit students for many years to come.

Corporate matching gifts are gratefully welcomed and will also be acknowledged.

Please reach out to Jennifer Wu, Director of Community Relations at if you have any questions or require additional information.