HTS is dedicated to providing safe, reliable bus transportation for our students.
Stock Transportation provides the bus service for HTS. The morning bus is scheduled to arrive at school by 8:00am and the afternoon pick-up is 4:45pm. This schedule is coordinated with our academic and co-curricular schedule.

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  • Routes

    Routes for the school year will be decided by our transportation company once registrations have been completed. Unfortunately, not all locations can be accommodated.

    Here are some previous routes.
  • Pricing and Refund Policy

    Round-trip 2019-2020 busing fee: $1,764.69 + $229.41 (HST) = $1,994.10.
    Please note, if your family has registered three or more students for busing, please contact Ms Yolande Pratt, 905-737-1114 ext. 269, and we will refund you the 3+ student discount.

    Parents should expect to receive the pick-up and/or drop off location information in August.  Please note that for the first few weeks of September, we may make slight adjustments to ensure that the service runs smoothly. A request for a full refund can be made until August 30, 2020.

    Should your location be deemed outside of our routes, you will be notified by July 31, 2020, and given a full refund.   
  • Stock Bus Tracker App

    Parents have the option to get a free app that allows them to monitor the progress of their child's bus including scheduled arrival and their bus stop.
  • Safety First

    Increasing bus ridership will reduce parking lot congestion during prime pick-up and drop-off times, which will translate into a safer, less chaotic environment for students before and after school.

Transportation Contacts

For bus-specific questions, please contact Ms Charlene Panganiban, Front Office Administrative Assistant, at or 905-737-1114 ext. 221.

For emergency or after hours busing issues, please contact Stock Transportation at 905-883-6665.