As educators, it is imperative that we surround our young people with the wonder and awe that is nature, and more importantly, teach the value in protecting the very life systems that sustain us.
When people come to HTS, we want them to see colour, life, evidence of learning in nature, information that provides them with a sense of place and the significance of that, evidence that we ‘think globally and act locally.’

We are proud to share that we have achieved official environmental designations, that we have environmental education infused in our curriculum, that our policies and procedures are environmentally friendly, that we are committed to protecting and restoring the health of our campus and environment.

HTS is fully committed to environmental sustainability. Our social, economic, and environmental issues remain interconnected for the benefit of current and future students and stakeholders and we take ownership in the responsibility to protect an area of ecological significance in particular the Oak Ridges Moraine.


Jacqueline Butler
Senior Science Teacher, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

HTS is a:

  • Platinum EcoSchool Certified
  • Ducks Unlimited Wetland Center of Excellence
  • Partner with Ontario Streams and Friends of the Rouge for stewardship activities
  • Home to native and endangered species on 33 acres of land, boasting a coldwater stream habitat on a tributary of the Rouge River, forested trails with an interactive interpretive signage and a mature wetland.