The High-Performance Athlete Program is designed to offer greater support and increased flexibility for students who are regularly involved in an individual or team sport at an elite level outside of school.

Components of the Program:

  • Students will enroll in a physical education course at their grade level (Grade 9: PPL1O, Grade 10: PPL20 and PAF20, Grade 11: PPL30)
  • Students are responsible for maintaining and completing a Student Learning Portfolio
  • Coaches, students and parents must understand that this portfolio is done in collaboration with the school, the student athlete, and the coach. The Ministry of Education inspects the Portfolio, as the student will obtain a high school credit in Physical Education (PPL) if they successfully demonstrate and meet the overall expectations in the course. Hence, their Student Learning Portfolio is integral to a student being successful in the course.
  • The course will appear on their schedule as it normally would, however, during that time slot they are given independent work time to do other course work. Of the 110 hours of course time allocated, a minimum of 95 hours must be completed through the student-athlete’s training and competition outside of school. Of the 110 hours of course time allocated, a minimum of 15 hours are earned from the successful completion of the health units as a regular member of the class. During the health units, the student must return to the class and successfully complete the unit.
  • In order to provide the support and flexibility for the student, monthly meetings (or more if required) with the High-Performance Athlete Program advisor to discuss overall academic performance, time management, school work and sport balance, and other issues that may arise over the course of the year.
  • As a participant in this program, the student-athlete will have to complete work related to their sport outside school (ex. maintain a log and journal of their sporting activities). This material will be reviewed throughout the year.
  • Students may be required to remain in class for any part of the curriculum that the teacher determines is integral to the learning goals.
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