Alfan Jetha

Alfan is a proud father of three children Maya, Saara and Noaah. He and his wife Farzana, strive to provide a solid foundation of opportunity, philanthropy, education, resourcefulness and deep-rooted values and principles that allow for an exponential trajectory to which they had been provided by their parents, who were immigrants to Canada in the early 1970's.

As President and CEO of RxSource Corp. and the founder DrugSmart Pharmacy Group, both family-run businesses, Alfan has embraced hard work and success. He is a first-generation Canadian that learned the value of establishing an eye for strategy, strong work ethic, innovative methodology and a name for himself from his parent’s tenacity. Alfan’s personal mantra; Failure is not an option, his determination to always look forward and most importantly his passion to always surround himself with great people has lead him to where he is today.

Alfan graduated from the University of Toronto’s Urban Planning and Business program. His innate entrepreneurial spirit ignited his desire for perpetual growth in healthcare, technology, private equity and real estate. He is always learning and expanding through exposure to new industry and innovative opportunities. Outside of his day to day activities, Alfan serves as the Communications Officer for YPO Toronto, a member of the Board of Governors for Holy Trinity School, coaches his daughters’ soccer team, and is an active member of the community. In his spare time, Alfan enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, playing soccer, golfing, and skiing.

Alfan has enjoyed opportunities to serve on the Alternative Revenue Generation Learning Team and the Advancement Committee for the past few years. His three children presently attend Holy Trinity School.