Kaitlyn Archbold

Grade 6

My name is Kaitlyn and I am in Grade 6. This year, I have created a light yellow dress designed for spring. I chose this colour because it looks light and happy. I added three balloons floating up to a ribbon tied around my waist because the way balloons float is majestic and that is the way I want my dress to feel. Finally, I added a ribbon to give it an extra touch.

Last year, I saw the Senior School students walking on stage and I knew that I wanted to be like them, walk on stage being proud to show something that I had created. So when I was given this opportunity at the start of the year, I was thrilled. My favourite part of creating the dress was planning out what it was going to look like. It got me really excited because I could imagine how amazing it was going to feel walking down the runway showing my dress, and at that point I realized, it was actually happening. If someone was wanting to do this next year, I would tell them to go for it because being able to feel the pride of knowing, I did this, is priceless.