Sophia Baglione

Grade 6

My name is Sophia and I am in Grade 6. In Fashion Forward, I have made a dress in the colour aqua with yellow laser-cut flowers. It is a knee length dress with a puffy skirt we made underneath to make the dress puff.

The reason why I wanted to sign up for Fashion Forward was because of last year's fashion show which was incredible. Once I saw it was an option to sign up for the Grade 6 students, I did and was very excited to get started. Something I have learned during this club is how to sew, make an underskirt, use the program for the laser cutter and so much more. It is an incredible experience and I had lots of fun. My favourite part about this process was seeing something that you draw on paper and you see it start to come together. To see the start and the finish gives you a huge feeling of accomplishment.

I would definitely recommend the club to anyone thinking of joining it. It is a great experience, you get to learn how to sew, how to take measurements and how to make clothing. It's an amazing experience that I truly enjoyed. I would definitely do it again, it is an experience like no other. Last but not least, enjoy the show.