Neeka Pouragha

Grade 7

My name is Neeka Pouragha and I am in Grade 7. I made a dress with the help of Joanna and Angela. The colour of our dress is pink and made of poly silk. Our dress is semi-fitted above the knee. We are laser cutting out different sized triangles both yellow and white, and gluing them on. Inbetween the triangles we are putting small laser-cut flowers. We are also putting extra mesh to give the dress some spice.

I wanted to get involved in Fashion Forward because of the amazing opportunity we have to try things like this. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew and Fashion Forward was a great place to learn. I learned a lot during this time but the thing that was important while sewing was to always remember to back stitch. My favourite part of the process was decorating. That was the best part because in the last few steps as you watch your dress come together all your hard work pays off. Some advice for someone thinking about joining Fashion Forward next year is to just jump in and do it. The hard work pays off in the end.