Danielle Tang

Grade 7

My name is Danielle Tang and I am in Grade 7. My partner and I designed a one-piece dress in a tiffany blue colour. Our dress is decorated with many pink coloured flower petals. We made the flower petals using the tools in Adobe Illustrator and used the laser cutter to cut the petals. We chose pink petals to showcase the theme of spring. The material we used for the dress and petals was poly silk. We also added flowers to the hem and to the sleeves.

I wanted to get involved in this club because I did not know how to sew and I thought that it would be a great learning and fun opportunity. I have learned that sewing a dress takes time and lots of patience! I also learned that sometimes a design does not work and you may have to alter the design here and there. My favourite part of the process was designing the dress because I love art and designing. The advice I would give to someone who is thinking about joining this club is not to hesitate. It is fun and you can let your imagination go wild, you will be pleasantly surprised of what you are capable of making.