Alina Wang

Grade 7

I’m Alina Wang and am currently in Grade 7. I joined the Fashion Forward club to broaden my knowledge of fashion. I find a passion in drawing and have been told that what I make is fairly good. I started animating a few months ago and I’m currently working on some mini-projects.

With the theme of spring, we had many options for our dress. The dress my partner, Danielle Tang, and I made is up to the knees with a curved v-neck as the collar made of poly silk. It is tiffany blue, almost like lavender of sorts. On the dress, we added pink laser-cut petals on the shoulders, below the waist and along the bottom rim of the dress. We also added the same pink petals attached to a black ribbon on the waist as a belt. Also, on the back we added a purplish-magenta bow so the backside can pop. 

I wanted to get involved in Fashion Forward because of the main idea: fashion. Learning about fashion might help me (and you) with some future career choices because of my passion for drawing, designing and visual arts in general (maybe your passion as well). Through Fashion Forward, I have learned how to sew on a sewing machine. Plus, making a garment has lots of steps and takes time to actually complete, which this club has taught me all of it.