The Silver Lining

Amy McLennan
Studying music and being a part of a large ensemble develops one’s desire to work towards a common goal.
The Senior Concert Band travelled to Ottawa this past weekend to perform at MusicFest Canada.This invitation-only event brought together the most elite musical ensembles from across the country to perform for each other and to be rated against the standard of performance by professional conductors and post-secondary music professors.

Our band performed well and earned a silver finish overall. This is a huge leap in the progress by the senior program as they entered into the level 400 category and performed three pieces at that level; only one was required for the entry. This level of play requires sophisticated musicianship and precision and our students demonstrated just that – a high level of focus and natural sounding musicality.

Although they did not finish at the gold standard, the group has learned a bigger lesson; we don’t always finish first. Sometimes if we aren’t on our ‘A game,’ we fall short of the mark. But falling short doesn’t mean that we failed – it means that there is something to learn from the experience for the next time we attempt to reach the same goal.

Studying music and being a part of a large ensemble brings awareness of beauty and aesthetic of sound, but it also develops one’s desire to work towards a common goal. The members of the Senior Concert Band have demonstrated their ability to problem-solve, strategize, and continuously evaluate the progress of the group. They self-reflect, contribute to the discussion with their insights, and try to improve each step of the way.
I am proud of both the leaders of this ensemble and all of those who look up to them. All of their efforts culminated into a stellar performance - they pulled together as a team and this should be celebrated. This experience will be one to remember as the students move forward in their lives.

The music program at HTS has grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years and the students seem to improve with each passing year, too. Thank you to all who have supported this endeavour. With new music facilities coming our way and more rehearsal time together – imagine where we could be in just a few more years?