Starting Term – again!

Barry Hughes, Head of School
Well, the waiting is over and the first term has started!
It seems as though the slow, hazy days of summer are just a memory as we have hit the ground running and quickly got into the pace of school life. 

The first few days have been exhilarating, punctuated by meetings with parents and colleagues, and, of course, lots and lots of interaction with our students. It has been a pleasure to start to get to know the new members of the community and I have been delighted to catch up with so many “old“ ones!

You might think that after working in schools for such a long time, that things would get a little “samey,” because, in truth, the routine varies only a little from year to year. But this isn't a problem because in my experience schools are wonderful places to work; they draw you in and you quickly become a part of a real community, especially when you are the Head.

One of our traditions is to induct the new prefects in Chapel on the first full day of the year. The Chapel service saw them presented with their red prefect ties and take the prefect pledge to serve the community. They seem wonderful young people and I am sure that Colin and his team will not disappoint in the attitude they will display. As well as being hard work, being a prefect is also a privilege and I am sure that by the end of the year they will know, as we adults do, that whatever institution we belong to, we are there to serve it, not to see it serve us. Good luck to them all.

In the first week of the first term, we also hold our annual Celebration Evening, where we recognize the achievements and hard work of our young people, and come together to enjoy each other’s company. It was a warm, happy event and a great way to start what promises to be a wonderful term.

This is my 35th year working in schools and I still get the same kick at this time of year that I always have. Not many people are so lucky.

Best wishes,