Prefect Retreat - a great success!

Ben Stephens - Innovation, Media, and Public Relations Prefect
The 2016-2017 Prefects started their year in leadership off to a great start by attending the annual Prefect retreat at Camp Kandalore.

The purpose of the trip was to bond, form lasting friendships, discuss Prefect responsibilities and partake in numerous activities and discussions that would challenge our understanding of our role.

We built chemistry as a team through team-building activities with our peers. We took on exercises (e.g. rock climbing, giant swinging, etc.), which not only improved our leadership abilities, but our sense of courage, strength in character, and the benefits of healthy risk-taking. We learned to trust one another and to think about how each individual can play their part to strengthen the HTS community. We gave each other a lot to think about, in terms of what the Prefects have done in past years, but also how we can take what has been done and improve on it. The Prefects looked at the newly formed role system and generated ideas for how to best implement these roles into the HTS community.

Overall, the Prefect retreat to Camp Kandalore proved to be one of great value: not only to our planning for the year but also to the creation of invaluable knowledge and skill that will no doubt be of benefit to us all throughout the year.