What can a workshop do for our students?

Emily Villani and Meera Raman, HTS Students
Two Senior School students share their appreciation for the time they spent learning, brainstorming and collaborating with the Future Design School at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

On September 29, I had the privilege of attending the MaRS Discovery Centre with my Grade 12 Think Tank course. Upon entering the building, I had no idea how we'd be spending our day; we were immediately thrown into action being introduced to the amazing leaders at the Future Design School.

I am a very straight-forward thinker and the Future Design School style of thinking "outside the box" really tested my skills. They helped my peers and I work in a non-conventional way. We stuck to our gut instincts and trusted in our great ideas. Through this foreign way of thinking, I was able to come up with an issue that I am very passionate about and am excited about working on this year in class. Thank you, Future Design School!
- Meera Raman
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to travel to the MaRS Discovery Centre with my fellow peers. This experience was one that was very fun and exciting, but also challenging (in a good way). Not only did Future Design School help all of us in coming up with a dilemma that best fit our strengths and interests, but they did it in an enticing and interesting way. 

When thrown into the new ways of thinking that were presented to us, I was shocked to find my ideas pouring out of me. Entering into this course, I was well aware that the task ahead would be absolutely challenging - we are trying to solve a dilemma that faces the world. This is not something to think lightly about. However, FDS got us all straight to work, into thinking...without really thinking. We were able to write down our immediate reaction to how to solve problems and weren’t given the ability to erase - something that seemed intimidating, but truly was an amazing experience. You weren’t able to censor yourself, which was an extremely interesting way of thinking. It’s not something that happens often in life, and that is why I think FDS succeeds the way it does. I would like to thank Future Design School and those who helped me and my peers make great strides in solving big world issues!
- Emily Villani