Being New at HTS: A Student Perspective

Carolynne Bull, Staff
One of the intake years at HTS is Grade 9, and with that means many new faces in the school. It is easy for all members of the school to become wrapped up in the daily, weekly, and monthly school activities, so I was pleased to sit down with Miranda Shen, a new Grade 9 student, to chat with her about her experience on the transition into life at HTS.

With two months under her belt, Miranda explains her experience in the following way, “I really like the community and I know it sounds a little cheesy, but HTS is like a massive family. Although you may not see the same people a bunch of times a day, you get to know everyone and have confidence that they will help you with anything. This, alone, is so useful in a school. On the first few days of school, I found it difficult to navigate my way around. However, with the help from both students and teachers, it has now become a breeze. I found Orientation Day to be a wonderful experience because I was able to connect and meet with both teachers and students.”

Miranda finished her Grade 8 year with an impressive 12 awards (in one year) from her previous school as well as being awarded the valedictorian for her class. Miranda is also a member of Mensa - the high IQ society. Although she is modest about this achievement, Miranda is proud to be a member and enjoys the social aspect of the large Mensa community. Every month, Mensa sends a newsletter which often includes art made by young Mensans from all over the world. Recently, Miranda submitted her art to see if they’d include one of her pieces in their newsletter. To Miranda’s surprise, Mensa chose all four of her drawings that she submitted to be on four different covers! You can view some of Miranda’s art in the gallery in the top right.

When asked why she chose HTS, Miranda replied, “I choose HTS because I’m confident in the academic program.” With a school that has an impressive, personalized, academic program for all types of learners, Miranda has the opportunities she needs as is also true for all students at HTS. Miranda feels as though she is in good hands and HTS couldn’t agree more.