MPP Reza Moridi Congratulates HTS Student for app

On December 14, 2016, Member of Provincial Parliament and Ontario’s Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, Reza Moridi, visited HTS to congratulate Grade 12 student, Anmol Tukrel, for the development of iDentifi - an application that uses artificial intelligence to assist with object identification for the visually impaired.
iDentifi is an app that empowers visually impaired individuals to gain more independence during their day. This app uses artificial intelligence to enable a visually impaired user to take a photo of virtually any object or piece of text, and the app will speak aloud a description of that object or dictate any text in the image to the user. Furthermore, the app works in more than 25 languages. Finally, the app features an interface designed with visually impaired users in mind, while also giving users the option to choose from three different modes of object/text recognition as well as how fast they want the app to speak.

“At HTS, we strongly believe in innovation and we incorporate this value into our all of our programs and facilities," said Barry Hughes, Head of the School. “This gives students more opportunities to have meaningful learning experiences and make contributions that benefit society as a whole, the way Anmol has,” he remarked. “Our approach to education implements technological tools such as the Apple 1:1 program and we're also very proud of our designation as an Apple Distinguished School,” Hughes added.

HTS will open its state-of-the-art Innovation and Design Labs in June 2017. The school will also continue to promote key skills and competencies such as creativity, collaboration, and critical-thinking to help students discover their passions, realize their unique gifts, and demonstrate their true potential, all within an ethos of character development and service to others.