Happy New Year!

Barry Hughes, Head of School
Unless you are heading off to the slopes or the beach, Christmas can be a time to hunker down and enjoy a quiet few days at home in front of a warming fire. Nevertheless, with weather like ours, “cabin fever” can set in and it has been good to be back at school this week. There has been a lot of positive energy amongst students and staff and we have all enjoyed reconnecting with each other and giving each other our best wishes for a great 2017.

At lunch the other day I found myself talking to some students about New Year's resolutions, a tradition where a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behaviour. Whilst we all have the best of intentions when we make resolutions, we all agreed that they can be hard to keep. In fact, research shows that most of those who set New Year resolutions fail despite the fact that they are confident of success at the beginning. This is thought to be because we don’t go about things in the right way to ensure success. Apparently, men are more likely to achieve their goal when small measurable targets are being set, while women succeed more when they make their goals public and get support from their friends.

It is easy to become weary of the resolutions trotted out in the media, usually related to weight loss or investing more wisely, and it was so refreshing to hear our students talk about resolving to help people more often, being kinder and being more grateful. There are studies that show that showing more gratitude can make you a lot happier, and also help you to overcome adversity, improve the quality of your sleep, and allow you to get along better with others. So let’s make 2017 the year we give thanks more often and everyone will benefit!