Mental Health Wellness at HTS

Melanie van de Water, Dean of Students
Over the past few months, our HTS Wellness Leaders have been working with Michael Eisen from the Youth Wellness Network in order to promote health and wellness across all divisions in our school. Students in the Lower, Middle and Senior Schools have been working together brainstorming creative ideas to promote healthy living and positive mental health.

On January 24, speakers from came to speak with the Senior School about mental health and encouraged our students to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Students learned that everyone has mental health and that we all fall on a continuum of wellness when it comes to mental health.  

The speakers were humorous, engaging and brought attention to a topic that is of growing importance to youth today. There was energy in the room as each student received sunglasses and our wellness ambassadors donned blue t-shirts with the slogan "No more Silence" when it comes to mental health.

Many thanks to Angel L. and Grace W., our Wellness Club Leaders, who have supported the chapter at HTS this year as well as the Student Success Department for keeping a keen eye on the mental health of our students.