A Legacy for Student Leaders: Club Hub

Clubs, committees, councils, houses and the Prefect leadership positions are all a big part of being a Senior School student. Not only do these positions play an important role in the current school year, but it has become more and more evident to the student leaders that their work should be kept as a legacy for the future leaders.
Head Prefect, Colin Darling, along with Mr. Csinos, Mr. Dickinson and Mr. Darling, spearheaded the new Club Hub website. This student-run leadership website is designed to house all of the Senior School leadership documents for current use and to act as an archive for future leaders. Each leadership group (club, committee, council or house) has their own page that showcases the activities and goals of that group. The Club Hub provides one, easily accessible, place for the students to contribute to and locate important leadership information. This initiative was important to Colin as he saw a need for a sustainable site for the future leaders.

Colin hopes the Club Hub continues to operate long after he’s graduated and that it becomes a regular part of the leadership system. The site launched last week and all leadership groups have already been actively working to keep their pages up-to-date in an effort to keep it relevant as well as to leave their notes for the future student leaders.