Middle School French in February

Britta Mechlinski Modern Languages Department Head and Marisa Tassone, Languages Teacher
The month of February was filled with French culture as students showcased their projects, participated in a French language speaking competition and were able to practice their French language speaking skills in a café setting.

Bien fait les élèves!

Grade 8 ISU - Agents de voyages en herbe
On February 3, our Grade 8 students presented their French ISU to their peers, parents, teachers and other Middle and Senior School students. For these presentations, students presented a trip to a francophone country in the role of a travel agency. They came prepared with answers to questions, created brochures, posters and Google Slides presentations, made wardrobe decisions to ensure they looked professional, and some groups even brought in food! These students had been working on this assignment since November and their hard work definitely paid off. Congratulations to all of our Grade 8 students, but especially to DMSM Voyage Belgique (Daniel K., Matthew T., Summer X., and Megan H.) who were voted the trip most people would love to go on.

Grade 6 French Speech Competition
On February 16, four Grade 6 students participated in the annual “Concours d’art oratoire” sponsored by Canadian Parents for French and held at the Toronto Montessori School.

The participants included Alisha C., Zoe G., Jodin H. and Kelley L. Along with approximately 40 participants in four categories of oral proficiency, the girls presented speeches on a variety of topics to an audience of parents, teachers, judges and other competitors. They are all to be commended on the fluency of their speeches as well as their ability to answer the judges’ spontaneous questions.

Grade 7 French Café Workshops - Cafécole
On February 24, all Grade 7 classes had the opportunity to participate in French Café workshops presented by Cafécole. Our classroom was turned into a French Café with blue and red table cloths, table runners, centrepieces, flowers, and even an Eiffel Tower! Students shopped for ingredients, assembled a dessert, took and placed orders, and, of course, ate French desserts! They were also able to practice speaking French in an authentic situation and use some of the vocabulary that they are learning in their Bon Appétit unit.