Big Fish - A Feast For The Senses

Carolynne Bull, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
From year to year, the words "that was the best show HTS has ever put on!" can be heard in the halls after a major production. Big Fish - The Broadway Musical - was no exception to this – in fact, it was the best performance yet.

The larger-than-life story of Edward Bloom’s extraordinary life was truly spectacular! From the comedic relief to tap dancing, to solo singers, to the audio and visual effects, Big Fish was certainly a feast for the senses and a phenomenal production.
The sheer number of perfectly executed scenes, complete with elaborate costume and set changes, was impressive. To think that these students have only been working on this performance for 5 months lets us know that, given the opportunity and the time, these students can certainly achieve great things.

The story has Edward’s son, Will, searching for answers to whether the stories his father has told him are fiction or truth. From the swamp, to a circus, to befriending a giant – these sensational scenes with many moving parts were carried out perfectly and the truth of Edward’s past revealed.

The pit band, made up of 10 students and four supporting musicians were equally impressive. They completed the complicated score with ease and to the audience’s knowledge, without a hiccup.

The first act ended with a bang as young Edward is fired out of a cannon but truly, this excitement was telling; the second act and entire performance was a hit overall. The audience left feeling wowed and proud.

Many congratulations go to everyone involved with the set design, costume creation, makeup, choreography, sound, lighting, singing, dancing, the musicians, scene projection, stage management, and the Directors; Mr. James Darling, Dr. Kate Greenway, and Mr. Andy Whitebread.