The Parents’ Guild makes a $51,000 donation to HTS

Maria Locacciato, Director of Community Relations
HTS is honoured to announce that we have received a donation of $51,000 in Hawk Shop inventory from the Parents’ Guild. This gift is the most generous donation they have given in over 10-years.
The Parents’ Guild has actively supported our community for the last 35 years with many services, from coordinating our parent volunteers, providing a milk program, organizing the bus program, to running the Hawk Shop to name a few.

As the School and the Guild have evolved, last school year a mutual decision was made to move the management of the Hawk Shop to the business operations of the school. This change has meant that our volunteers can continue to support the Shop. This inaugural year has been a great experience with Farzana Jetha as the part-time Hawk Shop manager working with many wonderful volunteers to staff the Shop.

HTS thanks the Guild for this incredible gift and for your commitment and dedication to the school.