Senior School Students Learn to Lead as Toronto French School hosts the CAIS Student Leadership Conference

Last week, four HTS students - Alexia, Lauren, Eala and Brandon - had the opportunity to attend the CAIS Student Leadership Conference hosted by the Toronto French School.

There were over 100 student delegates from all across Canada. At the conference, HTS students took part in many interactive workshops that challenged their empathy and compassion as leaders. The students also got the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers, volunteer at local charities, and explore the Toronto Beaches and ravines.

Speakers such as Emmanuel Jal, Desmond Cole, Scott Hammell, Jim Harris, and Marc-André Blanchard entertained and educated the students on topics such as peace, immigration, diplomacy between nations, environmentalism, belief in yourself, and many other interesting subjects. The main message of the conference was “Finding Your Roots as an Individual and Citizen.” The speakers conveyed this theme through the branches that they were experts in themselves.

Learning from all different kinds of leaders who are making a difference in today’s society really encouraged and influenced the students to think about becoming more involved in the HTS community and to find what they are truly passionate about. The four HTS leaders were inspired to bring many of the positive messages back to the HTS community.

This was a great learning experience for everyone who attended and they would highly recommend this experience to all future Grade 10 or 11 students.