Science Faculty: Teaching and Learning

Shantel Clark, Head of Science Department
Each month, the Science Department meets as a team to share learning they have been doing as teachers. This month, Senior School chemistry teacher, Ms Tara Irani, shared some of the learning she acquired over the summer at Hillfield Strathallan College. This fellow CAIS school hosted the Project Based Learning (PBL) Canada Institute in partnership with the Buck Institute for Education. Ms Irani was interested in learning more about how she might pair PBL with a personalized learning approach in the Senior School.
Ms Irani’s focus is how she can make the content of her classes stick and in a meaningful way for the student learners in her classroom. With the knowledge Ms Irani gained this summer, she and Mrs. Poehlmann, a senior chemistry team teacher, are working together to give students more autonomy and personalized experiences in the Grade 11 Chemistry Public Service Announcement project. Ms Irani and Mr. Steeper are also planning on providing more opportunities for both feedback and revision (peer, self and teacher) in the Grade 12 joint Biology and Chemistry Independent Study Project.

Many thanks to Ms Irani for sharing her knowledge and experience with the Science Department. She is sure to provide experiences for students to fully engage in their learning about chemistry in a unique way.