Experiential Learning at the Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology

Brian Csinos, Director of Experiential Learning
On October 4, nine Senior School students participated in the experiential learning opportunity of attending the Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology (EDIT).  EDIT has partnered with the United Nations to deliver design solutions that reflect the United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP) Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our students explored inspiring design, innovation and technology solutions to real-world programmes such as adequate housing, nutrition, healthcare and education for all.
Student, Shaan A., shares his thoughts on the experience: “I have a newfound understanding of different innovative and creative creations in the tech industry that are upcoming. I learned of the different ways that humans are dealing with climate change, farming, and medicinal tech, yet also coming up with fresh, new prominent ideas."  

A great take away for Caitlin C. was a quote that continues to resonate with her: "a good idea becomes a great one when you let it out." When she was asked how she would incorporate this into her life back at HTS, Caitlin responded, "I have learned that brilliant ideas aren’t made overnight. Rather, they start as something small and are worked through; perfecting and finessing the idea into something great overtime."

Many of the students who participated are members of the CAD (Computer-aided Design) club at HTS and they were amazed by how innovation can be used to tackle many world-wide issues. Ethan C. reflected on how he can apply the knowledge from the Expo into his Grade 11 Regional Geography course, “I will be 3D printing and designing some maps. Before the Expo I didn’t know how to do this. However, after the workshop at the Expo, I learned how to design and create objects on my laptop.”

This was the first of a series of experiential learning opportunities that will be offered to students throughout the year to provide them with unique opportunities to pursue their interests that will extend their learning outside of the classroom.