Grade 6 RSVPeers Talk Lunch and Leadership

James Darling, Director of Character and Leadership
Last Wednesday, during a Day 3 PLUS period, 12 intrepid Grade 6 students met with Ms. Balfour and Mr. Darling in the new Lower School Seminar Room. They were there to meet as this year’s newly appointed Lower School RSVPeers. After talking about their upcoming trip to the DreamWinds Equestrian Centre and sharing stories about sitting with younger grades at lunch, they then got down to business. And what was their business of the day?

On this day, the students spent time thinking about their values. From a list of 80 terms, each RSVPeer was charged with finding ten, then three, then one value that they felt was most important to them. They then walked around the room and shared that value with as many of their peers as possible. Great conversations took place as the students took turns listening to why ideas like equality, loyalty, friendship, and relationships were important to the others in the room. As they came back together as a group, the students discussed how knowing your values, the things you really believe in, can help to guide a leader in making good decisions.

Before they left for the day, students were also challenged to think about their value further and to look for evidence of it at school and in the interactions they have with friends and family. This little bit of “homework” would serve as the starting point for their next Day 3 meeting. It was a great session, with a motivated group, and another example of how lessons on leadership and character are taking place throughout HTS!