Virtual Reality in Middle School Science

Shantel Clark, Head of Science Department
Do you remember reading about cells in your science textbook or learning about the nucleus in a video shown in class? HTS students are using virtual reality to become fully immersed in a cell and seeing the nucleus!

Each month, the science team meets to share something new that they’ve learned and how they are implementing this into their classes. Last week, Middle School science teacher, Mr. Brad Stephens, presented his use of VR (Virtual Reality) technology and how students can be fully immerced in a virtual science world. There are hundreds of “worlds” to discover. Mr. Stephens used a video called “Cell Scape VR” to explore the organelles in the cell in Grade 8 science. This video was created by science teacher, Tyler DeWitt, who is a research scientist, high school teacher and digital content author. He is the creator of one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube and is a frequent speaker on science topics, science communication and STEM education.

When you wear the viewer, you can move your head up, down and from side to side to look in every direction. Imagine being a student learning about cell organelles, and now imagine being fully immersed in a cell and seeing the nucleus! This teaching technique brings to life what has often been hard to visualize. The science team looks forward to exploring all the additional resources that are available online and bringing more VR technology into our classrooms!