Performing a Waste Audit with MASS Environmental Services Inc.

Jacqueline Butler, Science and Physical Education Teacher
As a New Year’s resolution, the Senior School Eco-Team wanted to focus on waste reduction from an environmental perspective. To assist them in their process, they invited MASS Environmental Services Inc. to HTS last week to perform a waste audit.

Our students had the unique opportunity to be involved in the process alongside MASS. The students and audit team measured, quantified and qualified the material generated on-site within a 24 hour period.

Upon compilation of the data, MASS will provide the Eco-Team with a detailed breakdown of HTS’ waste and recycling activity on campus, including where we can take further steps to minimize our environmental footprint. This information will assist the Eco-Team in getting some baseline data to help support a plan to help reduce our waste and improve our landfill diversion rate. We are expected to receive the results shortly, and the Eco-Team will communicate the findings and action plan to our community.

From everyone in the HTS community, thank you to the Eco-Team for taking the initiative to participate in a waste audit, and for taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint. MASS sent along their own words of thanks:

“Congratulations to the fantastic students at HTS for their wonderful participation. We were beyond impressed, and look forward to seeing the amazing impact the next generation has on the world around us.”

We look forward to using the information from the waste audit in this year's EcoSchool certification application. We are currently Gold certified and working towards our third consecutive Gold certification so that we can apply for Platinum certification next year.