Experience The Hurricanes, Shipwrecks and Missions of Peter Pan

Alexandra Colby, Grade 11 Student, as Captain Robert Scott
What if I told you cats could fly? Or that two ships could crash right before your very eyes? Peter and the Starcatcher, this year’s Senior School production, will transport you to a magical world of Mermaids, Orphans, Mollusks and Pirates, where anything is possible.

The entire cast and crew work their magic and tell you a new story of the childhood hero we all know and love, Peter Pan. This is my third year being involved in the HTS play, and without a doubt, it is one of the most interesting productions I have ever been a part of. During each rehearsal, we test the limitations of what can be done on stage and use our entire bodies to tell the outlandish adventures that Peter must undertake. From the docks of Portsmouth, to two warring ships in a hurricane, to an island filled with Italian-food-loving Mollusk natives, you will truly see it all in this play.

The amount of creativity, both on stage and behind the scenes, that goes into every single scene is outstanding. In all of my high school career, I have never encountered an experience that brings people together like play does, and it is that connection that is formed between the entire company that makes the show as magical as it is. The play draws people of many talents, from acting to set design to technology, which makes the production truly a product of everyone’s passions. We work very hard with our incredible directors and outside professionals to suspend the disbelief of our audience and take you on Peter’s journey with us.

Peter and the Starcatcher brings to life all the fairytales and childhood dreams that have been lost with age, as the impossible plays out before your eyes. The show opens Wednesday, February 28 at 7:30 pm and runs until Saturday, March 3. Make sure you experience the hurricanes, shipwrecks and perilous missions alongside us! Tickets are on sale, so don’t miss your chance to see a truly amazing production!