The Extraordinary Journey to Neverland

Elizabeth Wilkinson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
How did Peter Pan get his name, where did he and Molly meet and why does he hate grown ups so much? All these questions, and many more, were answered in this year’s Senior School play production of Peter and the Starcatcher.

The cast asked the audience to use their imagination, as they brought us into the extraordinary backstory of Peter Pan. There was no shortage of excitement to say the least. From the beautiful dancers who took the stage, to the superb acting by all cast members, the outstanding set design, the sound and lighting, the musicians who didn’t miss a beat, to the detailed costumes, makeup and hair, there was always something captivating the audience’s attention.

The production engulfed the audience in Peter Pan’s history from start to end. The cast members took us on Peter and Molly’s adventure protecting the treasure trunk of magical star stuff from pirate Black Stache on the sea, through a shipwreck, to what we know as Neverland.

Pirate Black Stache, Smee and the pirates had the audience constantly laughing with their evil antics, while Peter and Molly had us grinning at their back and forth banter of who the leader was and their friendship that formed throughout the story.

Peter and Molly grasped the audience’s emotions as they parted ways, little to know that their paths would cross again one day in the Darling nursery.

Congratulations to the staff and students who made this play production possible - over 70 people were involved as the cast, production crew and production team. A standing ovation to the directors, Mr. James Darling, Ms Kate Greenway and Mr. Andrew Whitebread.