The 2018 Roller Coaster Exhibition

Nina Dolgovykh, Science Teacher
On April 17, Grade 11 physics students participated in the Roller Coaster Exhibition. The students had worked for more than two months designing, constructing and testing their safe, but thrilling roller coasters. At the exhibition, they presented their roller coasters to sway the judges of the high quality of their products.
Roller coasters were judged by HTS teachers and students on complexity, stability, reliability and safety. The Grade 11 students proved this through proper physics calculations in creating the structures, knowledge demonstrated in their presentations, and the thoroughness of their answers to the questions asked by the judges.  
Congratulations to the winners. In third place was a tie between Jurassic Park (Anu P., Sarina M., Hayley H. and Sami V.) and Mario Kart (Cameron T., Victor J. and Andrea R.) Second place went to Space (Kevin L., Lambert L., Shanathan S. and Tyler Z.) The first place winner was Music (Brian V., Tianze S., and Mervyn J.)
Congratulations to all Grade 11 physics students for your hard work on this project, and thank you to all Grade 11 physics students’ parents for your patience and support of your child through this experience.