Thank You, Prefects

Michael Donovan, Head Prefect
For the past ten months, the HTS Prefects and I have worked hard to fulfil our duties as leaders in the school.

We represented the HTS community at many open houses and school events and even started new holiday traditions. These included our Halloween haunted house, Santa Claus photo booth, and Easter egg decorating station - all of which allowed us to connect with both the youngest and oldest students in our community.

In addition, many individual efforts were made by our Prefects, such as Phoebe and Amit’s HTS Athletics Instagram account, Christian’s podcast with teachers, and Khiaran’s entertaining assemblies.

It has been a privilege to work with all sixteen of the Prefects this year. While parting ways with each of them in the fall will be bittersweet, I look forward to hearing about the great things I know they will accomplish in the years to come.

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, I hope you will join me in thanking the following Prefects for their service and dedication to our school:
  • Christian Argyropoulos, Academic Prefect
  • Lauren Assing, Service Prefect
  • Megan Chan, Arts Prefect
  • Phoebe Chen, Athletic & Wellness Prefect
  • Alexia De Sequeira, Leadership Prefect
  • Megan Huang, Lower School Prefect
  • Lauren Ianni, House & Spirit Prefect
  • Khiaran Kulasingham, Chapels & Assemblies Prefect
  • Ben MacDonald, Middle School Prefect
  • Lauren Mooney, House & Spirit Prefect
  • Liam Patterson, Media & Public Relations Prefect
  • Amit Sayal, Athletic & Wellness Prefect
  • Andrew Stephens, Innovation & Technology Prefect
  • Emily Teehan, Lower School Prefect
  • Stephanie Vettese, Middle School Prefect
  • Christopher Yeung, Arts Prefect
I hope the entire HTS community has a wonderful summer.