For Chef Matteo, This Award Is Fitting

It was no surprise when we heard that our chef, Matteo Mule, had won a prestigious award - one that is given to only 200 people of 1,500-2,000 nominated candidates from 19 countries. We are thrilled to congratulate Chef Matteo on being awarded the Aramark Ring of Stars 2018 International winner.

Matteo will be receiving a gold ring from Eric Foss, President and CEO of Aramark, and the Aramark executive leadership team to commemorate his achievement. Matteo’s story and photo will also be permanently displayed in Aramark’s Hall of Stars at its global headquarters in Philadelphia. Congratulations, Matteo! We are thankful you’ve chosen HTS to continue your passion for cooking.

From the Aramark Ring of Stars:
From line cook to award-winning executive chef, Matteo Mule has focused on creating amazing food every day at Holy Trinity School, while keeping safety paramount. This work ethic and his infectious smile and attitude have won over the staff and students at the school as well as and his staff. He is the first to volunteer and the last to leave work every day. Matteo loves his work; he even delayed his honeymoon because he didn’t want to miss any part of the school year.

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