7B Unites to Raise Funds through talents in the Middle School

Mei Wong, Teacher
To raise funds for United Way Week, homeroom 7B chose to hold a Middle School talent show to showcase the talents of our Grade 7 and 8 students, while raising funds for a good cause.

To prepare for the talent show, each student in 7B shared their strength through their choice of role as either program, poster or ticket designer, ticket salesperson, set-up crew, videographer, master of ceremony, etc. Some of the beautiful work that came forth included an artistic poster, a carefully crafted program design and a beautifully delivered chapel skit, all to promote the show. One of my highlights leading up to the show was witnessing the extraordinary leadership of Grade 8 students, Abbey and Zoe, who led, managed and choreographed a group of Grade 8 students in a dance to the song We're All in This Together from High School Musical. Mutual respect, commitment and cooperation were evident as they listened to each other attentively and worked towards improving and expanding their energetic, quality performance.

On October 26, it was finally the day of the show. Middle School students performed instrumental pieces directed by Ms Danielle Stock, and several student-led acts including singing, rapping, dancing, artwork, playing the piano and more. We were privileged to enjoy a performance by one of our Middle School prefects, Michael, who took the stage with a comedic monologue, modelling a high-calibre of acting for our budding Middle School actors and actresses. The finale was a teacher performance, which evoked cheers from our students as the teachers sang and danced to United Way Nah Nah (a revised version of Havana by Camila Cobello).

Ticket sales, successfully led by Grade 7 students, Ling and Neeka, accumulated over $800 from our HTS community. The talent show was a reflection of what happens when a class unites to create something for a cause It was truly the united way.

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