School Hack4Change - Blockchain Hackathon

Stephanie Stephens, Executive Director of Learning Innovation and Technology
“Imagine, being the parent of a child suffering with Malaria, a deadly disease which includes high fever and convulsions. You cannot bear to see them in that state, and desperately turn towards buying medications from the local market in hopes of curing them, and then imagine what it must be like to lose that child, because you were tricked into purchasing fake medications. This is the reality of 120,000 people who die every year in Africa as a result of fake malaria drugs, a dangerous symptom of the global Counterfeit Drug Industry plaguing our world.”

This was the opening statement from the HTS team at the School Hack4Change competition this past weekend. Our team of 10 students were tasked with selecting a current global dilemma, directly related to the 8 UN Sustainable Development Goals for which they could solve using the disruptive and transformative model of blockchain. They then worked alongside four other independent schools to complete the task.

Not only was the HTS case choice relevant and impactful, but the solution they designed, and the way they were able to articulate it, was outstanding.

Over the course of seven days, Mr. John Tam, Ms Donita Duplisea and I witnessed interdisciplinary learning at its best. Not only did our students do an incredible job of collaborating and ideating with one another, but they put together an outstanding presentation, that included:
  • Sophisticated blockchain application design
  • Stunning web design
  • Professional graphics and marketing materials
  • A seamless, bold and engaging presentation
John Cowan, one of our judges, leader of the Enterprise Payments team and part of the CIBC Technology and Operations group said:

“I go to many hackathons; Queens, Schulich, Rotman; I just came back from Australia where I was a judge at the University of New South Wales, and your presentations were on par with them.”

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the team members for their dedication and effort on this incredible project. They represented HTS with joy and as a truly innovative team.

Tyler Z. - Web and Application Development Team
Lambert L. - Web and Application Development Team
Jason X. - Web and Application Development Team, Presenter
David N. - Web Development Team
Caitlin C. - Researcher, Application Development Team, Presenter
Ethan C. - Researcher, Presenter
Brandon S. - Researcher, Presenter
Shayan N. - Researcher, Graphic Designer, Presenter
Lindsay S. - Researcher, Graphic Designer, Presentation Coordinator
Constantine P. - Researcher, Graphic Designer, Marketing Materials