HTS Athletics – More than Physical Activity or Competition

Meera Sayal, Grade 12 student, Athletic and Wellness Prefec
On March 4, our 11 Term 2 HTS teams and numerous athletes were recognized for their hard work and dedication to athletics at our Hawks Athletics Recognition Chapel (HARC), run by our athletic and wellness prefects, Meera Sayal and Anthony Argyropoulos. In previous years, all athletic awards were presented at the annual Athletics Banquet in May, however our community recognized the value of honouring our teams with the entire student body and parents.

The Chapel opened with a captains march. Then, team by team, captains spoke about their successes this season. Coaches presented Most Inspirational Player awards to one or two athlete(s) who, through their presence, actions and words of encouragement, serve as an inspiration to their teammates. For every Senior team, the Dedication of Sport award was presented to one member who demonstrated a commitment to their discipline every season throughout their high school career.

Athletics at HTS is about much more than physical activity or competition, it’s about building bonds and learning important life lessons such as being persistent, committed and having a positive attitude in the face of hardship. The theme of this term is commitment. Term 2 is often the busiest academically and is also the longest of the three terms, making it that much more important for all our athletes to stay committed to their discipline for the sake of their teammates and coaches who need full involvement to elevate these teams to the highest standard. With this approach, we hope to continue to push the bounds of our athletics programs and establish the Hawks as a force amongst the independent schools.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the preparation of HARC, and to our community members who came out to support our athletes. We look forward to recognizing the hard work of all our Term 3 athletes and presenting our larger athletic awards as the school year comes to an end.