Model United Nations Wraps up Year at Ontario Model United Nations Conference

Kevin Qu, Grade 11 Student and Head Delegate of HTS Model UN
On April 6 and 7, the HTS Senior and Middle School Model United Nations (MUN) Delegation proudly represented HTS at the Ontario Model United Nations (OMUN) Conference, hosted by Upper Canada College. Seventeen delegates, including eight brave Middle School students, competed head-on with some passionate debaters from around the GTA.

Throughout the weekend, delegates participated in a broad range of committees that challenged them to negotiate plausible solutions to past and current issues that affect the international community. From developing infrastructure, to improving aircraft and airport security, solving corruption in the NHL, to determining the future of Yugoslavia, HTS delegates definitely ended their MUN year with a bang! Each and every delegate should be proud of what they were able to accomplish at OMUN, as well as this entire year. Congratulations to all participants for their effort, especially during such a busy time of the school year. Special congratulations go to Fares N. in Grade 10, who secured “Best Delegate” in his respective committee.

Speaking on behalf of all delegates who attended OMUN, as well as any other delegates who have attended conferences this year, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms Donita Duplisea and Mr. John Edgecombe for their overwhelming support and unfaltering commitment. Their passion for the betterment of our school’s MUN program drives us as delegates to be better each and every day. MUN 2018-2019 has certainly been a memorable year and I look forward to witnessing the new successes and further enrichment of the co-curricular program next year.

Congratulations to:

Alisha C., Grade 8
(Netherlands, International Civil Aviation Organization)

Sydney C., Grade 8
(Italy, International Criminal Police Organization)

Max H., Grade 9
(Netherlands, Security Council)

Angela J., Grade 8
(Netherlands, International Criminal Police Organization)

Patrick J., Grade 8
(Netherlands, North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Daniel K., Grade 10
(Martin Brodeur, National Hockey League)

Siddhant K., Grade 9
(Roberto Luongo, National Hockey League)

Eric L., Grade 10
(Jaromir Jagr, National Hockey League)

Xavier M., Grade 8
(Afghanistan, International Civil Aviation Organization)

Fares N., Grade 10
(Veljko Kadijević, Fall of Yugoslavia)

Shayan N., Grade 12
(Blagoje Adžić, Fall of Yugoslavia)

Kevin Q., Grade 11
(Netherlands, Security Council)

Katelyn T., Grade 8
(Italy, International Civil Aviation Organization)

Emily V., Grade 11
(Afghanistan, Disarmament and International Security)

Riley W., Grade 9
(Budimir Lončar, Fall of Yugoslavia)

Rebecca Y., Grade 7
(Netherlands, Disarmament and International Security)

Patrick Z., Grade 8
(Italy, Disarmament and International Security)