Choosing the right school for your child could possibly be the most important thing you ever do for them.
HTS is an exceptional community; a vibrant, caring home to students from JK to Grade 12, whose talents are developed by committed and caring teachers using innovative and creative approaches to learning.

Our outstanding academic program enables students to thrive and thoroughly prepares them for success at university and beyond. This is complemented by extensive sports, music, drama and art programs that provide a rich and well-rounded school experience for students of every age.  What truly sets HTS apart is our focus on character and values – respect, integrity, leadership and confidence – to help our young people develop exceptional capabilities and a strong moral compass.

Life at HTS is multi-dimensional and no website or prospectus can fully capture the spirit of this wonderful school. The only way to get a genuine feel for what we believe in and what we do is to visit and meet the people who are the beating heart of the school – our students. Happy and confident, and characterized by their open and welcoming manner, our students will offer sincere words of welcome when they greet you. They are proud of their school.

Please take the next step and contact our Admissions Office to arrange a tour of the school. I know you will be struck by the happy, purposeful, and friendly atmosphere. HTS is no ordinary school and I am confident you will like what you see.

I look forward to meeting you.
Helen Pereira-Raso

School's Mission

Holy Trinity School (HTS) is committed to educational excellence, as measured by readiness for university entrance, and to the development of the character and individual abilities of our students within the context of Christian values and personal integrity.

School Vision

A world-class learning environment, HTS offers a personalized experience through which students become confident and agile thinkers, able to operate independently and collaboratively in all settings.

Board of Governors

Our talented and hardworking Governors set the strategic direction for HTS, enabling the school to focus on core initiatives, while ensuring its long-term sustainability. In partnership with Head of School, Helen Pereira-Raso, the Board determines the school’s policies and priorities, and oversees all financial and administrative functions. With their collective vision and guidance, HTS is able to fulfil its promise, holding firm to a higher standard of learning. “Learn more about the incredible people on our Board of Governors here.