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House System

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  • Bishop Mountain

    Named in honour of Bishop George J. Mountain (1789-1862), the third Anglican Bishop of Canada who oversaw the establishment of the Diocese in which this school was created. He was a man of strong faith who promoted education, inclusiveness, and charity.
  • Champlain House

    Named in honour of Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635), known as the father of New France. He believed in the enormous potential of our great land and who fell in love with our northern lakes and forests. His bravery, sense of adventure and commitment to exploration opened much of Canada.
  • Langton House

    Named in honour of John Langton, the first Chairman of the Board of Holy Trinity School, whose dedication was instrumental in the early success of the school.
  • MacDonald House

    Named in honour of J.E.H. MacDonald (1873-1932) an English-born Canadian and member of the Group of Seven, whose house was adjacent to Holy Trinity Church in Thornhill.
  • Rose House

    Named in honour of the first Headmaster of Holy Trinity School, Father Jack Rose, an influential and dedicated teacher, who lead the school from 1981-1990.
  • Thorne House

    Named in honour of Squire Benjamin Thorne (1769-1848). He was an influential businessman after whom the Town of Thornhill was named. In 1981, Holy Trinity School was founded in Thornhill.
Every student, faculty and staff is assigned to one of six HTS Houses: Rose, Thorne, Bishop Mountain, Champlain, Langton and MacDonald. The school year sees many friendly competitions. Our house system fosters a close-knit atmosphere, helps instil a sense of belonging and is a fundamental part of life at HTS.
Every House is led by a House Captain, who is chosen by a vote. House Captains take on strong leadership roles and many House Captains go on to become Prefects in their final year of school. Captains are responsible for getting House members in every division involved and active in the events by organizing the production of signs and encouraging House mates to dress up and show all-round school spirit for every House competition.

"The house system at HTS provides students with the opportunity to become involved in and to foster school spirit, leadership, and friendship," says Senior School English teacher and house organizer Katie Young. "Many graduates comment that house activities such as Trinco Day are the kinds of events they remember for years. By engaging in activities that foster unabashed fun it helps to build our strong sense of community."