Beyond the classroom, exciting programs in music, drama, art and athletics ensure a well-rounded educational experience for every student.
Being in the middle can be tough - neither here nor there. In the Middle School at HTS we honour this with an approach to learning that guides each student’s jump from the junior grades and prepares them for the transition to our Senior School.

Creative and caring teachers provide a rich and challenging curriculum that is geared towards the developing minds of adolescence. While academic expectations are being met and surpassed, special attention is given to each student helping them develop the tools that they will need to see success in their future years at HTS and beyond.

HTS provides time outside of the academic timetable to allow students to fill their toolbox, follow their interests, or seek support during FLEX (Flexible Learning Experience). From study skills to organization, debate to coding, investment club to wellness and leadership, FLEX is designed to complement the educational excellence of the classroom.

The Middle School at HTS also offers many opportunities to perform, create, play, and challenge. Thirteen teams compete wearing the Hawks uniform. Our concert band and other ensembles shine at every concert. Trips to leadership camps, Quebec City, Space Camp, and national tournaments complete a well-rounded experience.

Being in between can be tough, but with the right tools….


Rob Thomson
Head of Middle School

Discovering the Individual

Grades 6 to 8 are years of immense growth and change for students. HTS teachers have the skills and the sensitivity to support the personal development of each student, making Middle School an exciting place in which to explore, learn, and grow.

At this stage, students are ready for the challenges of a more demanding curriculum. The academic program is designed to stretch capabilities in a structured environment that establishes effective work habits and time management skills. Course content is rigorous and inquiry-based, developing the ability to think critically, learn independently, and communicate clearly.

As students begin to broaden their horizons, taking advantage of leadership opportunities and assuming more responsibility within the school community, they benefit from increased individual attention. Beginning in Grade 6, each student is assigned a faculty advisor, to facilitate goal-setting, organization and prioritization, and provide consistent guidance and support.