Each day the counsellors in the Student Success Department have the privilege of spending time with students sharing in their joys, their challenges and listening to their hopes for their futures.
Additionally, we have the opportunity to meet with parents who want the very best for their children and work with them as part of a team to bring out the very best in their children. It is a role we embrace with enthusiasm, passion and commitment.

The comprehensive Student Success Model is a central component within the HTS learning environment. It provides guidance and counselling that is integrated into a comprehensive curricula to address each students needs.

The mission of the HTS Student Success Centre is to foster the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual and career development of all students. Student success counsellors design and deliver effective curriculum, programs and services so that all students may utilize the tools that will enable them to be responsible and productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Student success counsellors lead the way in helping students identify their abilities and interests, strengthen their decision-making and coping skills, and develop an approach to life that will enhance their success into their post-secondary years and beyond.


Tracy Howard
Director of Student Success and Post-Secondary Counselling

Core Beliefs

All students can graduate with lifelong career decision-making, wellness and management skills that are necessary to succeed in post-secondary education and the workplace.

All students can succeed at high levels if given sufficient individualized support.

All students have access to the skills and knowledge provided by school counselling professionals.

All students receive a superior quality of education to fully support the development of the whole child.