The Trinitarian Award

The Trinitarian Award is designed to encourage student engagement and enable students to take ownership of their own individual growth. The award is based upon David Kolb’s model of experiential learning; the founding HTS values of respect and integrity; and Michael Fullan’s Six Competencies.
To find out more about the Trinitarian Award, contact Brian Csinos.

Levels and Components

The award has three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - and is centered on five components: physical recreation, arts, service, global education and leadership. The award encompasses a rich variety of experiences that are offered at HTS. It will recognize the achievements of our students, and challenge them to strive and reach new goals.

Award Progression and Presentation

A student must complete all of the requirements of a particular level in order to proceed to the next level. Awards are presented during our annual Closing Ceremony and Grade 12 Graduation.