I truly believe technology is providing learning opportunities that have never existed before.
Core to our vision at HTS is a model of personalized learning. This means that we are committed to knowing who each of our students are and providing them with multiple pathways to achieve success. As lead learners, our faculty and administration have access to the latest research and professional development to ensure that the programs they deliver are rooted in best practice. Whether it be in the curation of the research, in the effective delivery of content or providing outlets for our students to showcase their understanding, technology is the enabler. In other words, technology is embedded into our programs to maximize learning and student empowerment.

We believe in using technology when it enhances the program and that it is equally important to understand when it is appropriate to set the devices aside. Encouraging our students to use technology respectfully and in balance with other opportunities for learning is as important an element of the process as introducing the tools themselves.


Stephanie Stephens
Executive Director of Learning Innovation and Technology

Technology Integration

Effective use of technology in classrooms does not just happen because the technology exists. It must be used in ways that will enhance teaching and learning, and not merely replace an existing practice that could be done without technology. At HTS, we have educational technology experts that work side by side with our teachers to help them navigate this process so that they make successful and sustainable choices.

Working with individual teachers or teaching teams, our technology integrators collaborate on every aspect of planning technology-focussed assignments and projects. They also work directly with teachers in their classrooms to support the process in action.

Our digital book, A Community of Learners, is an excellent look at what it means to integrate technology in the classroom at HTS. The videos, images, and text clearly illustrate the powerful ways in which technology is being leveraged at our school. It is evident that we are not merely using the tools because they look shiny and impressive, but rather that we have used them to broaden the scope of learners, help our students think more deeply, be more creative, and work more collaboratively.
HTS is proud to be an Apple Distinguished School since 2015.
Apple Distinguished Schools are centres of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate Apple’s vision for learning with technology — and are regarded as some of the most innovative schools.

Apple Distinguished School leaders, faculty and the extended community have a clear vision for how their technology-rich environments support learning goals. School leaders have established elements for continuous innovation that include culture, team, capacity, community, finance and measurement. Supporting their school’s vision is an ongoing process that requires thoughtful planning, practice and improvement along the way. They use iPad and Mac products to inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. And they cultivate environments in which students are excited and curious about learning.